Growing Hydroponic Dill

Dill has a sweet, grassy flavor with just a hint of licorice.  It’s terrific as a garnish on fish, lamb, eggs, soups, salads, roasted vegetables and of course, cucumbers and cucumber dishes.  Fresh Dill has a nice mix of vitamin C, manganese and vitamin A.  It’s also a good source of folate and iron.

Dill also happens to grow quite well in hydroponic systems.  Dill seeds can take 7-14 days to germinate, but once they grow, they grow well.  It’s also a lovely scent to have in your home.

Hydroponic Dill
Germination Light EC Range pH Range: Time to Harvest
Difficult 12-16 hours 1.0 - 1.6 5.5 - 6.4 5-6 weeks
Nutrient and Health Info - A good source of vitamin C, manganese, vitamin A, folate and iron.
Tips & Tricks - Consider using our Seedling Starter Kit or the paper towel method increase the rate and speed of germination.



Germination is the toughest part when it comes to growing dill.  Make sure to plant plenty of seeds, and be patient.  Remember, you can always speed things up by using our Seedling Starter Kit or the paper towel method increase the rate and speed of germination.


Your dill doesn’t need a lot of light, but providing it with 14-16 hours of light a day will allow it to grow well with all of the other fruits, vegetables and herbs you’re growing coincidently.

EC Range:

Dill grows best in an EC range between 1.0 – 1.6.  It grows great with rosemary, basil, lettuce, strawberries, peas, sage and thyme.

pH Range:

Dill isn’t fussy.  Keep your pH range between 5.5 – 6.4, and you will have success!


All herbs, just like dill, will grow great with our Green Machine nutrients.  You won’t have to worry about adding anything special for your dill plants to thrive once they start growing.

Pruning and Harvesting:

One thing about dill is that it is known to be stubborn to re-grow after being pruned.  Remember to always leave at least 1/3 of the plant at the base to ensure it re-grows as effortlessly as possible.

One thing to keep in mind is that drying your dill will enhance its flavor.

Time to Harvest:

While waiting for your dill seeds to germinate can be tough, once this mighty plant begins to grow, it grows quickly.  You’ll be ready to harvest in about 5-6 weeks.


Dill is a lovely little herb with a wonderful fragrance that can be used in a wide variety of dishes.  Almost no matter what you’re cooking, adding a little dill will provide a wonderful addition to the flavor profile.  Don’t forget to dry your dill to bring out its peak flavor profile.

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