Frequently Asked Questions:

When Will My Products Arrive? - Our items typically ship on the next business day, and arrive within 1 week or less.  Shipping to HI and AK can take longer.  In the USA, most items arrive in 3-4 business days.

Do You Offer a Warranty? - IGWorks® products are warrantied against defective parts for 1 year and also items damaged during shipping.  Your IGWorks products are expected to last many, many years!

Do You Offer a Payment Plan? - Yes!  When you choose affirm at checkout you can have your order delivered right away, and pay over time.

Is it Difficult to Assemble the iHarvest? - Absolutely not.  Assembly instructions can be found hereMany users describe it like assembling Lego blocks.  Assembling the iHarvest mostly consists of placing one piece on top of another, in an organized and easy to understand fashion.  

Is it Difficult to Assemble the uHarvest? - The uHarvest is incredibly easy to assemble, and instructions can be found here.

Is it Difficult to clean the iHarvest or uHarvest? - Both of these products are some of the easiest to clean in the industry.  We hear often from customers who have purchased other units previously, how happy they are with the comparative ease it is to clean our systems.  For directions on cleaning the iHarvest, please visit this page.

Do I Have to Sign Up for a Monthly Plan? - No.  You only have to pay us once!  You will never have to buy seeds or nutrients or other standard supplies from IGWorks®.  While we carry everything you need, and are happy for you to shop with us in the future, we want to make sure that you can get all of your supplies at your local hydroponic shops or online.  We will never force you to purchase overpriced supplies from us month after month.

How often will I have to buy nutrients? - The answer is that it depends.  However, IGWorks generally provides enough Green Machine nutrients to keep you growing for at least 6 months.  As you become more experienced, you may also want to purchase our Flower Power nutrients to accelerate the growth of flowering and fruiting plants.

What if I Want to Make a Return? - Customers are able to return unused, unopened items at their shipping expense.  

Does IGWorks® Offer an Affiliate Program? - We sure do.  iHarvesters can sign up here to become an affiliate.

What questions do you have that we may have missed?  Please let us know via the Contact Us page!