About Us

Dave Stevens, IGWorks
My name is Dave Stevens. I searched and searched for an attractive indoor gardening unit, but all I found were tiny products for growing a few herbs indoors, and giant monstrosities that don’t belong in anyone’s living spaces. I finally settled on purchasing a raised garden bed for my patio, but it was a disaster. It was difficult to assemble, less and less attractive as time passed, couldn’t get enough light on my patio, and had to be shut down during the colder months.
I realized that something needed to be done so I enlisted the help of some incredible engineers, business people, friends and family to bring IGWorks and iHarvest™ to life. 

About IGWorks

IGWorks™ stands for Indoor Garden Works. But really, we stand for so much more. We stand for freshness and beauty in our products. We stand for clean, healthy, pesticide free food. We stand for the environment by reducing water consumption. And, we stand for the reduction of CO2 and other harmful environmental pollutants that accumulate from packaging and transportation of food half way across the world. Thank you so much for being part of our community. We can’t wait to grow together!