Healthy, Green Juices

Green Juices are a blend of green fruits and veggies that are just healthy...they can also be delicious.  Sometimes green juices get a bad name.  Adding apple slices or kiwi is a great way to sweeten them up, and add lemon juice for extra zing!

Prep Time: approx. 5 Minutes.  Ready in” approx. 7 minutes.

Add what tastes great to you, but here are some popular considerations.



  1. Wash your ingredients if needed
  2. Chop them up as necessary for your juicer (or blender)
  3. Add them to your juicer (or blender), and let it work its magic
  4. If you’ve used a blender, strain the mix with a fine mesh strainer so that you’re left with only juice. Push down on the mixture with a spoon to let as much juice as possible filter into your bowl or glass.
  5. Enjoy your healthy beverage chilled (best not to add vodka, but we won’t judge)

Find the right mix for your taste buds!  If it’s not sweet enough, add more apple.  Or, consider fruit that’s not green, like banana or even strawberries (I won’t tell).  If it’s missing flavor, consider adding more lemon juice, lime juice or ginger.  You don’t need to start over, just add more of the flavors you need to your existing juice, and keep track of them so you remember the blend you like next time!

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