Growing Hydroponic Daisy

Daisy Varieties

Want to grow daisies in your hydroponic garden?  Just read this guide, and you’ll be pushing up daisies before you know it.  Errr….um…you know what I mean….

Daisies are an edible flower which typically have white and/or yellow flowers with a yellow center, but several interesting varieties with various colors exist.  The name daisy originates from the Old English phrase “day’s eye.”  This is because of their propensity to close in the evening and re-open when the sun rises each day.  They are also somewhat reminiscent of the sun.  Daisies are the national flower of the Netherlands, and they are also a symbol of purity.

Interestingly, daisies are closely related to artichokes and are a great source of vitamin C.  Homeopathically speaking, daisies are often used in teas as a vitamin supplement, as well as to relieve coughs and colds.

The flowers and leaves of daisies are both edible.  They have a mild, grassy, and nutty flavor, with a slightly bitter/spicy aftertaste.  Their flowers taste best when they have just opened, as they become progressively more bitter with age.  Both the leaves and flowers are a wonderful addition to salads, soups, and sandwiches. 

Daisies are often considered weeds.  This is because they are low maintenance and grow aggressively, both in hydroponic systems and backyards.  But beware…daisies do take as long as 3 months to begin flowering when planting from seed.

Hydroponic Daisy
Germination Light EC Range pH Range: Time to Harvest
Intermediate 12-16 hours 1.2-1.8 5.5-6.5 6 weeks
Nutrient and Health Info - High in vitamin C, and often taken homeopathically to relieve coughs and colds
Tips & Tricks - You will be able to harvest mild, grassy, nutty flavored leaves of daisies quickly, but it can take ~ 3 months for flowers to arrive. Harvest the flowers quickly, or they will turn bitter.



Daisies can be slow to germinate and may take anywhere from 7-21 days.  They will germinate slightly more quickly in warmer temperatures, which is why using our Seedling Starter Kit or the paper towel method may speed up the process.

Daisy light needs


Daisies don’t need an incredible amount of light, but 12-16 hours of light per day will help them grow more vigorously.

EC Range:

Your daisies will grow well with an EC range between 1.2 – 1.8

pH Range:

Keep your pH range between 5.5 – 6.5 for great results!


Our Green Machine nutrients are terrific for growing daisies.  You will have sufficient flower growth without combining or switching your nutrients to our Flower Power nutrients.  Of course, the additional phosphorus in Flower Power nutrients will encourage even more flowering. 

Time to Harvest:

It may take about 3 months for daisies to begin flowering.  Remember to harvest the flowers very shortly after flowering, as they will become bitter quickly.  The leaves, which are also edible, can be harvested in 6-8 weeks.

Pruning and Harvesting:

Pruning and harvesting daisies is quite straightforward.  Try to leave enough leaves for your daisies to continue photosynthesizing and growing at any given time, and add the rest to your salads, sandwiches, soups and teas.  Don’t forget that daisy flowers become bitter shortly after blooming, so harvest them quickly if you want to enjoy them on your plate.

Daisy Flowers


Daisies are yet another of many edible flowers that you can grow in your indoor, hydroponic garden.  They take more time to flower, and you should consume the flowers as soon as they bloom if you are not a fan of bitter flavors.  But the leaves of daisies themselves, much like those of the dandelion plant, are a wonderful addition to salads, sandwiches and much more.  The nutty, earthy flavor these leaves offer adds a unique taste you will enjoy.

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