Growing Hydroponic Mustard Greens

Hydroponic Mustard Greens
Difficulty Light EC Range pH Range: Time to Harvest
Easy 14 -16 hours 1.2 -2.4 5.5 -6.8 4-5 weeks
Nutrient and Health Info - Contains tons of vitamin K, with high levels of vitamin A, C, E and B. Also a good source of copper, calcium, iron, magnesium, and thiamine.
Tips & Tricks - Spicy, peppery flavor, with some varities being more mild than others. This classic leafy green is incredible healthy. Harvest leaves when younger for a more mild taste.


Mustard greens come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  They get their name because the seeds of these plants are used to make mustard.  But the plant itself is also known for its mustard-like taste.  Most describe mustard greens as being spicy, peppery, tangy, and having a slightly bitter taste.  Mustard greens are commonly enjoyed sauteed, stir-fried, steamed, boiled, and sometimes even pickled.  They’re a popular addition to soups and salads too.  One thing to keep in mind is that most mustard green varieties are known for tasting best when grown in cool environments, so they are not ideal for growing during the summer unless you keep your home particularly cool.

Mustard greens are quite high in Vitamin K, and a full serving will take care of nearly 50% of your daily Vitamin C needs as well.  These dark, leafy greens are easy to grow and worth trying for those looking to spice up some of their dishes at home while staying healthy.


You shouldn’t have much trouble growing Mustard greens from seed.  Consider using our Seedling Starter Kit, or simply using the paper towel method if you have any troubles. But, you shouldn’t have trouble sowing your kale seeds directly in the iHarvest® or uHarvest®.


Mustard greens are another fast grower, so giving them 16 hours of light a day will support its energy needs.  Don’t worry about your energy bills.  The iHarvest® and uHarvest® use high efficiency LED lights that use very little energy.

EC Range:

Your iHarvest® comes with an EC (electrical conductivity) tester to measure the amount of the nutrients in your water solution.  When growing mustard greens, keep your EC between 1.2 to 2.4.  Mustard greens grow well with bok choi (a close relative) sunflowers, Swiss chard, peppers, kale, and mint, for example.

pH Range:

Adjusting your pH allows your plants to absorb the nutrients they need as efficiently as possible.  Keep your pH between 5.5-6.8 for optimal growth of kale.


Mustard Greens are generally enjoyed for their greens.  Mix your Green Machine nutrients in the reservoir until your EC is between the range of 1.6-2.5.  Remember to mix thoroughly, either by stirring your reservoir or letting the pump run for 15-minutes after adding nutrients, before measuring your EC.

Pruning and Harvesting:

You can trim outer leaves of mustard green to allow immature inner leaves to grow more quickly.  Or, you can harvest the whole plant by cutting at the bottom, and similar to bok choi, a new plant will usually emerge in its place. 

Time to Harvest:

You’ll be ready to harvest your mustard greens in no more than 4-5 weeks from planting. Mustard greens will bolt eventually, and when it does it’s time to replace it with a new plant so that the taste of your mustard greens is not spoiled. 


Mustard Greens are easy to grow and provide a lot of flavor to a variety of dishes.  If you haven’t tried them yet, I hope you will.  They’re healthy, flavorful, and unique!

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