Growing Plants from Seeds

Introduction and Basics:

Growing plants from seeds can be a difficult process.  Older seeds, or those exposed to extreme temperatures or environments will have difficulty sprouting, and some plants are famous for having low germination rates no matter how well you treat them.  While there is nothing that you can do to guarantee that every seed you plant grows, you can significantly increase germination rates with a few, simple tips.

Tip #1 – Keep your seedlings from ever becoming dry (but don’t have them drenched in water)

Tip #2 – Keep your seedlings in a warm environment.

Tip #3 – Avoid exposing your seeds to direct sunlight.

A propagation kit with heat mat and humidity dome is a terrific way to propagate your seedlings before planting them in soil or hydroponic growing media, but they are not free.

Germinating Plants With Paper Towels

There’s also a very inexpensive means of growing seedlings that works almost as well, and all you will need is a plastic zipper bag and paper towels.

  • Dampen your paper towel with water so that it is plenty moist, but not dripping everywhere.
  • Place your paper towel in the plastic zipper bag (the bag should be wet, but not pool up with water)
  • Place your seeds in the plastic bag, on top of the moist paper towel
  • Zip the plastic bag at least ¾ of the way shut
  • Place the bag in a warm spot, away from direct sunlight. Placing the plastic bag on your TV cable box or similarly warm (but not hot) surface works best
  • Open the bag daily to allow some fresh air to circulate around the seeds
  • Wait for your plants to sprout, and transfer them to your growing media

That’s it!  Using a propagation kit or germinating with paper towels and a plastic sipper bag on a warm surface will significantly improve your germination rate.

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