Delicious Veggie Wraps

Veggie Wrap

Veggie wraps are so easy to make and so wonderful to taste.  They can also be incredibly healthy and a wonderful way to eat your veggies and get the vitamins and minerals your body is craving.  This article is half-recipe and half public service announcement.  I want to share a few tips for how to make a delicious, restaurant or deli-style veggie wrap, and I also want to remind you of how much money you can save by using your homegrown food to make these delicious creations for you and your family.

Remember, simply by growing lettuce in your iHarvest you can save more than $1,000 a year on your groceries.  You’ll save even more money by replacing expensive deli sandwiches with homemade, fresh and healthy food.  And salad is wonderful, but most of you are like me, and we love to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and so much more.  Combining these into a veggie wrap is an easy and healthy way to use your home grown produce, and any other veggies you have lying around.  Eat them at home or take them on the road with you when you’re out enjoying a beautiful day.

Turn Your Veggie Wrap Into a Sandwich

Don't be afraid to turn your veggie wrap into a veggie sandwich.  Pitta Bread is another great option.

Prep Time: approx. 5 Minutes. Ready in: 10 Minutes

The most important part of any veggie wrap (or sandwich) is your spread.  The three most popular options are cream cheese, hummus and avocado.  You can mix and match these in any way you’d like, and they will turn a boring, dry veggie wrap into a mouthwatering experience.  Yes, you can use plain old mayo and mustard too, but I find the former options to provide a unique, healthy and fresh experience.  Someday I will try it with homemade tzatziki sauce as well. 

Simply add your spread to one side of your wrap, place your veggies on top, add freshly ground black pepper to taste, wrap it up, and you’re done!  You can also add just a touch of olive oil to the sandwich before wrapping it up.

Anything you can grow in your iHarvest or uHarvest will taste amazing in a lettuce wrap.  Some personal favorites are lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, radish, spinach, and scallions.  Beans and or peas are another great addition.  It's always wonderful to add veggies that provide crunch and texture.  Microgreens are wonderful also.  You can certainly add cheese or protein if you'd like as well.

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