The complete iHarvest indoor grow kit
Pre-Order the iHarvest® Complete Package
Tomatoes and More on iHarvest Hydroponic Indoor Garden
iHarvest Hydroponic Indoor Garden
Pre-Order the iHarvest® Complete Package
Pre-Order the iHarvest® Complete Package

Pre-Order the iHarvest® Complete Package

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Grow $1,000 of food every year!

We've Run Out of the Hugely Popular iHarvest AGAIN, but new iHarvest orders made in April should ship by the end of the month!

The iHarvest® Complete Package includes everything you need to grow your own, healthy food. This includes:

The iHarvest® • 2 Lights • 2 Light Stands • Trellis • Pump • Starter Pack of Seeds • Nutrient Tester • pH Tester • Nutrients, pH Conditioner and Rapid Rooter (Available in USA Only) • Net Cups & Clips

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iHarvest® Includes Everything You Need To Grow

iHarvest® with Lights & Trellis

Pods, Nutrients, pH, & Net Cups

*MaxiGro, pH, & Rapid Rooter Only Available in USA

Lettuce & Herb Seeds

Pumps, Timers, & Digital Sensors

It's Easy To Grow 3x Faster With iHarvest®

Step 1

Drop Any Seed Into the Media

Step 2

Drop the Media Into the Net Pot

Step 3

Add Water and Nutrients

Step 4

Watch Your Seed Sprout & Grow 3x Faster Than Traditional Gardening

Growing Has Never Been Easier or More Beautiful

The iHarvest® is Simply & Elegantly Engineered for Beautiful, Clean, Easy and Soil-less Indoor Gardening.

The iHarvest® Requires Only 2.5 Square Feet of Floor Space, So it Fits Anywhere.

Automated Lighting and Watering is Included for Easy Gardening and Food that Grows 3x Faster than Soil.

With the iHarvest®, You're Consuming Fresh, Herbicide-Free, Pesticide-Free and GMO-Free Food All Year Long.

Grow More with iHarvest®

Why iHarvest®?

iHarvest® uses only 85W of power. That's less than a traditional light bulb.

iHarvest® uses 98% less water than your traditional garden.

iHarvest® uses 60% less fertilizer than your traditional garden.

Curtail supermarket single-use plastics with iHarvest®.