Save $1,000 on Groceries Every Year!!

The Patented iHarvest kit is the smart way to garden fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit indoors anywhere, anytime of year.

  • Grows 30 plants at once
  • Hydroponic & Soil-free
  • Fits in the smallest apartments
  • Uses no pesticides, herbicides or GMO's
  • Uses 95% less water
  • Grows tomatoes, cucumbers and more!

The iHarvest comes with lights and everything else you need.  Just add water and nutrients to watch your fresh vegetables grow!

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It's Easy To Grow 3x Faster With iHarvest

The iHarvest Indoor Garden Makes it Easy To Grow

iHarvest Includes Everything You Need to Grow

The iHarvest Indoor Garden Kit Includes Everything You Need to Grow

Growing Has Never Been Easier or More Beautiful

The iHarvest Indoor Garden is Simply & Elegantly Engineered for Beautiful, Clean, Easy and Soil-less Indoor Gardening
The iHarvest Indoor Garden Requires Only 2.5 Square Feet of Floor Space, So it Fits Anywhere
Automated Lighting and Watering is Included for Easy Indoor Gardening and Food that Grows 3x Faster than Soil
With the iHarvest Indoor Garden, You’re Consuming Fresh and Healthy Food All Year Long

Grow More with iharvest

Grow lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and more all year long with the iHarvest Indoor Garden

Why IHarvest?

The iHarvest bests the indoor gardening competition in every way. Grow more in less space with IGWorks
The Benefits of Gardening Indoors with the iHarvest include saving water, saving electricity, saving fertilizer, and growing all year long.

iHarvest Pictures

IGWorks offers a 1-year replacement warranty against any defects in materials and workmanship