Small Plants that Yield Big Indoor Harvests


A lot of people question whether they can grow cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and other large vegetables indoors, with their iHarvest® indoor garden.  The answer is yes!  But, if you want to get a high yield out of your plants, you’ll want to choose varieties of these plants produce lots of fruits and veggies in small spaces.  These varieties of plants are generally referred to as Dwarf variety, or sometimes Bush variety plants.  A Google search for Dwarf variety tomatoes or Dwarf variety cucumbers, for example, will provide a lot of great results.

What are Dwarf Variety Plants?:

Dwarf varieties of plants are simply plants that are smaller than normal for their species, but they generally provide the same sized fruit.  Also, they often provide more fruit in a more compact space.  There are dwarf varieties of trees that can be grown indoors with proper lighting, such as the IGWorks Grow Lights.  And, there are dwarf varieties of vegetable and fruit plants that are perfect to grow hydroponically, in small spaces.

Examples of Dwarf Variety Plants for Hydroponics and Indoor Gardening:

  • Red Robin Cherry Tomato
  • Fairy-tale Eggplant
  • Robin Hood Fava Bean
  • Dragon Tongue Bean
  • Desiree Dwarf Blauwshokkers Garden Pea
  • Bush Pickle (Cucumber)
  • Butterbush Sqash


You can find many more dwarf variety plants by Googling ‘dwarf variety’ and then the type of plant you’re looking for (i.e. Dwarf Variety Tomatoes).  Not all dwarf varieties are equal.  Some take up less space than others, so research how much space each plant is expected to take up.  And, keep in mind that dwarf cucumbers, for example, still take up a significant amount of space.  But, with proper pruning, you can still grow plenty of them in your iHarvest indoor garden!

Speaking of pruning plants, check out this article on pruning plants.  It’s all about how to keep your plants small while encouraging the growth of lots of fruits and veggies!

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