Growing Hydroponic Chives

Hydroponic Chives
Difficulty Light EC Range pH Range: Time to Harvest
Easy 14 - 16hours 1.8 -2.4 5.5- 6.8 4-5 weeks
Nutrient and Health Info - Not as healthy as one might imagine, but it's still plant food, so it must be good for you somehow ;).
Tips & Tricks - Chives are simple, tasty, and enjoyable to watch grow. Adding many seeds to your grow media is ok (both inside and on top). Chives are quite tollerant to a variety of EC's and PH's, so they can be grown with almost anything.



I still remember the first time I ate chives.  I was in grade school, and my neighbor’s mother had an outdoor garden.  Try this, he said.  It looked like grass to my untrained eye, so I was skeptical.  But once I tasted it, I was in love!  Chives have a similar, but much more delicate taste than onions.  There is even a hint of garlic to their flavor.  The mildness of chives allows you to enjoy it raw, or include it in just about any dish to add a little extra zing.


Growing chives from seed isn’t difficult, but the Seedling Starter Kit or a Tupperware bowl covered with plastic wrap may be easiest.  That’s because you’ll be able to sprinkle the chive seeds on top of your growing media, without them wanting to roll off easily. Soon, you’ll see what may appear to be a fungus, but is almost certainly very tiny roots growing.  Once the roots are strong enough, after only a few days, the chives can be transferred to your iHarvest® or µHarvest®.


Chives don’t need as much light as a lot of other plants, but the standard 16 hours will typically result in the fastest growth.  Your plants need time to rest/sleep as well, so please give them the 8 hours they need.  Too little sleep can lead to less productivity and even disease.  Sound familiar?

EC Range:

Chives prefer healthy amounts of nutrients, in the range of 1.8 – 2.4 EC.  They will also grow reasonably well at lower EC’s with lettuce, for example. Our Green Machine nutrients are ideal for growing chives.

pH Range:

No surprises here either.  Keep your pH between 5.5-6.8 for optimal growth.

Time To Harvest:

Chives are often ready to harvest in 4-5 weeks.  Wait for them to look like large, thick, healthy blades of grass, and they will be ready to cut.  Cut your chives about 1 inch from the bottom, and they will regrow for you quickly.


Chives are simple, tasty, and enjoyable to watch grow.  They’re fun to eat by themselves when you’re doodling around your garden, and great to add to salads and stir fries.  Try it, and you won’t be disappointed.

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