µHarvest™ (uHarvest) Microgreen Garden

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The µHarvest™ is the easiest, fastest, healthiest way to grow micro-greens.  With the µHarvest™ indoor garden, you'll have fully grown micro-greens in about 1 week, and you can stack additional levels on top to double or triple your production.  With µHarvest™, you can use your own seeds, and you'll never have to buy special seeds or supplies from IGWorks® again.  Best of all, you'll be growing with no soil, pesticides, herbicides or GMO's.

Learn more about growing with µHarvest™ here.

*The µHarvest™ is hand made in Minnesota, USA by Jason Kaping of Pigs Eye Pottery.  Handmade pottery may vary ever so slightly in color and size.  Each piece is individually inspected for quality by IGWorks garden gnomes.