Healthy, Dehydrated Greens

Thanks to the lovely Koda Stokes for sharing this smoothie, pasta sauce and dish topping hack that will add more vitamins and minerals to your daily dishes.  Share your own recipes and dishes in our Facebook Group!

Do you ever go on vacation and come back to an iHarvest or uHarvest filled with more greens than you can eat?  You’re not alone!  Here’s a new favorite way to keep up with the rapid production of greens and herbs in your indoor garden.

Cut up those healthy greens, dehydrate and blend them into a fine powder.  Run them through a sifter to get the finest powder you can. 

You can use a dehydrator to accomplish this quickly, or hang your greens and herbs on a drying rack just like Angie does.  It will add wonderful smells and colors to your kitchen or living room before you’re ready to blend.

Your mixes will continuously change as you add whatever lettuces, leafy greens, tatsoi, etc you have that you’re not ready to eat.  Place them in a jar for up to 6 months, and sneak those extra veggies and nutrients into your smoothies, pasta sauces and other dishes at your leisure. 

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