The Personal Benefits of Indoor Gardening and Hydroponics

We’ve already covered the Environmental Benefits of Indoor Gardening and Hydroponics, but growing your own food in the comfort of your home doesn’t just benefit the environment…it benefits you and your loved ones as well.  Here’s a look at just how that is…

 Healthier Food:

Do you know what your food is made of?  You do when you grow it yourself.  Growing your own food means that you control the types of fertilizers used, and that you can eliminate harmful pesticides and herbicides completely.

And when you’re growing your own food, you’re always harvesting and consuming fresh food.  Unlike store bought groceries that sometimes sit in your refrigerator for days until they become too unappealing to eat any longer, homegrown food is harvested when you’re ready to consume it.  That means that the food you consume will always be at its peak freshness, and it will provide you with its peak nutritional value as well.

 Financial Savings:

Getting started with hydroponics and indoor gardening can be expensive, but the savings associated with growing fresh, healthy, clean food year after year are even more significant.   A recent google search states that the cost of a head of organic romaine lettuce was $2.50 in March of 2023.  

The uHarvest® can grow 12-18 heads of romaine lettuce per month, on average.  That saves between $360-$540 every year! 

The iHarvest® can grow more than 30-60 heads of romaine lettuce per month, on average. That will save $900 - $1,800 every year!

You can look up prices for other fruits and vegetables that can be grown at home to personalize your financial savings estimates.

By the way, did you know that fresh fruit and vegetable prices rise by an average of 4.32% every year?  That means that by investing in an indoor garden today, you'll save even more money in each subsequent year!

 Family Activities and Learning:

Fresh food isn’t only healthy for the body, but for the mind too.  It is especially healthy for the young people in our lives.  For instance, one research study found that preschool children who were almost always served homegrown fruits and vegetables were more than twice as likely to eat five servings a day than those who rarely or never ate homegrown produce.

And growing food together means spending quality time together.  Growing food together with your family is a wonderful way to teach important lessons about health, science, sustainability, nature and more.

 Happiness, Focus and Relaxation:

Did you know that indoor plants may be able to reduce stress and anxiety?  Studies have even shown that house plants improve concentration and productivity by up to 15%, making your indoor garden perfect for the living room or home office!  It appears that most of these benefits are purely aesthetic, which discounts the wonderful benefit we get from touching and caring for our plants as well. 


You should feel great about growing fresh produce indoors.  Beyond the ability to save money over the long-term, growing your own food is likely to make you and your loved ones healthier and happier.  Let’s Grow Together!