Microgreen Flavors

Microgreens are packed with flavor, nutrients, antioxidants and color.  Mild microgreens can be eaten as a salad alone, while more spicy and flavorful microgreens can be added to salads, soups, smoothies, sandwiches and meals to create colorful, spicy and tasty dishes.  

However, when it comes to taste, what you expect from a microgreen is not always what you get.  That's why we created this flavor chart to explain what flavors you can expect when growing microgreens in your µHarvest®

Microgreen Seed Flavor Color
Borage Microgreen Seeds (Organic) Mild cucumber flavored microgreens Green
Lemon Balm Microgreen Seed Distinct lemon flavor microgreens Light Green
Broccoli Microgreen Seeds (Organic) Mild broccoli flavored microgreens Dark Green
Amaranth, Garnet Red Microgreen Seeds (Organic) Mild, earthy flavor Red / Purple
Radish, Red Rambo Microgreen Seeds (Organic) Mildly spicy Dark Purple
Cilantro, Monogerm Microgreen Seeds (Organic) Cilantro flavor Green
Kale, Red Russian Microgreen Seeds (Organic) Mild kale flavor Green with Red Stems
Scallion, Evergreen Hardy White Microgreen Seeds Onion flavored Green
Alfalfa Microgreen Seeds (Organic) Nutty and mild, pea-like flavor Dark Green
Mizuna Microgreen Seeds (Organic) Unique, mild-flavored mustard green Bright Green
Carrot Microgreen Seeds (Organic) Mild carrot flavor Light Green
Tatsoi Microgreen Seeds (Organic) Mild flavor Dark Green
Orach, Ruby Red Microgreen Seeds (Organic) Earthy flavor Purple / Red
Magenta Spreen Microgreen Seed (Organic) Spinach-like flavor Light Green / Magenta
Sorrel, Red Veined (Organic) Bright lemon flavor Light Green with Purple / Red Veins
Parsley Microgreen Seeds Mild parsley flavor Light Green
Kale, Tuscano Microgreen Seeds (Organic) Mild, earthy flavor Green
Basil, Cinnamon Microgreen Seeds Sweet cinnamon flavor Dark Green / Opal
Chervil Microgreen Seed Mild, sweet anise flavor Green
Salad Burnet Microgreen Seeds Mild cucumber flavor Green
Dill Microgreen Seeds Mild dill flavor Light Green
Anise Hyssop Microgreen Seeds Licorice-mint flavor Green / Pink


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