Saving $1,000 / Year with iHarvest

Can you really save $1,000 a year growing food in your iHarvest?  Yes, you can!

A recent google search states that the cost of a head of organic romaine lettuce was $2.50 in March of 2023.  If you were to grow a full head of romaine lettuce every month x 30 pods, that would be a savings of $900! 

But, by using the cut and come again method, where you do not harvest the entire head but only the outer leaves, you can grow more than a head of romaine lettuce in each pod every month…A lot more!

Now, consider planting two or even 3 seeds in each pod, and your savings go up even further!

We’re not shy about telling you that you can save $1,000 a year on groceries, because you can.

Of course, you may want to grow much more than romaine lettuce in your iHarvest.  You will still save a lot of money, and have fun doing it!  But it may or may not take more than a year to save $1,000.

One more important note.  Growing in the iHarvest is not technically organic, but I’m comfortable comparing the health of our products to that of organic food for a number of reasons.  For instance, did you know that organic food uses pesticides and herbicides?  That’s right…look it up!  Organic foods use a variety of organic pesticides and herbicides, and we are unaware of which ones and exactly how many when we purchase our organic food.  So, please wash your organic food.

The food you grow in your iHarvest is healthy, good, clean food free of nasty chemicals, herbicides and pesticides!

Let’s Grow Together!