Noisy iHarvest Pump?

We chose the quietest pump we could find for your iHarvest, but it still creates some noise.  Here are a few things you can do to limit the noise of your iHarvest pump:

  1. Make sure that roots never grow into the reservoir, where they can grow into the mechanics of the pump.
  2. Make sure that the suction cups on the base of your pump are attached to the bottom of the iHarvest reservoir. These rubber suction cups help to reduce noise by creating a buffer between the vibrating plastic of the pump, and the plastic of the iHarvest.
  3. Make sure that pump is not touching the sides of the iHarvest reservoir. Again, if the vibrating plastic of the pump touches the sides of the iHarvest, it will create a lot more noise.
  4. Fill your iHarvest reservoir with enough water to sufficiently cover the pump. You don’t need to fill the iHarvest to its capacity, but having 3-6 inches of water above the pump will help to dampen the noise.
  5. As a last step, you may want to remove the front cover of the pump, and make sure that it is clear of debris that may be interfering with it.

Note: Your iHarvest pump was chosen because it was the quietist pump we found in our testing.  If you have found a quieter pump for your iHarvest, please let us know via the contact us link, or on our Facebook Group.

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