How to Help Your Hydroponic Garden During an Electrical Outage

Occasionally an iHarvest user will experience an electrical outage, and become concerned with how long their plants can survive without water being delivered from the pump.  I’m happy to report that hydroponic plants are quite resilient.  While in the iHarvest, your plants should survive for up to 12 hours without water.   And, by using a bucket or bottle to provide them with water every 1-2 hours while you’re home, they can live much longer than that even if you have to go to sleep or work for 8 hours.  You can provide them tap water or water with nutrients…it doesn’t matter too much as long as they are able to hydrate.
Without water for 8-12 hours, your plants may look as though they are unrecoverable.  They will have lost most of their water reserve and look extremely droopy.  But fear not, as soon as the pump comes back on, they are likely to be back to normal in just a couple of hours!


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