Calculating iHarvest® Energy Consumption and Cost

Did you know that the iHarvest® uses only 86W of power when everything is running?  That’s because each 36” high efficiency LED light requires on 36W of power, and the pump uses 14W or less. 

Two lights (72W) + pump (14W) = 86W

That means that over the course of a day, your iHarvest® consumes only 1.24kWh.  That’s because your lights and your pumps are not running all the time.  Your lights are normally running 16 hours a day for best results.  Your pump is running 15 minutes of every hour, or ¼ of the time which is 6 hours a day.

Two Lights (72W x 16hrs) + Pump (14W x 6hrs) = 1236Wh per day = 1.24kWh/day

So how much does the iHarvest® cost to use, from an electricity perspective?  Well, the average electricity price in the USA is ~$0.14/kWh.  Because the iHarvest® uses 1.24kWh/day, the average consumer will only pay $0.17 per day in electricity costs to run the iHarvest®. 

That means the average consumer will pay $5.28/month or $63.36/year in electricity bills for the iHarvest®.

If you’d like to calculate your own cost of ownership, just determine how much you pay for each kWh of electricity.  You can find this by looking at your electricity bill.  Multiply that by 1.24 to find out how much the iHarvest® costs you per day, to grow your own fresh food free of pesticides and herbicides.  I believe you’ll find that the iHarvest® was the right choice for you!!

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