Using a Fan for Your Indoor Garden

While not a necessity, there are many advantages to using a fan on your indoor garden, whether hydroponic or not. 

 Pest Prevention:

Flying pests like gnats find well-watered gardens irresistible.  They are a source of food, and a great place to breed when there is moisture present.  There are many ways to avoid and eradicate pests in your indoor garden, as we describe here.  Using a fan is a great way to avoid pests from being able to fly and land on your garden, and that means they can’t lay eggs or stick around to eat for very long.


Self-pollinating plants like tomatoes and peppers don’t need for pollen to be transferred from one flower to another in order to fruit.  Sometimes, without any help at all, pollen will find a way to travel from anther to stigma all by itself.  More often, a gentle shake of the branches will help, and a fan can accomplish this for you by shaking the flower just enough to promote the movement of pollen from anther to stigma, and resulting in pollination.  Keep in mind that a fan will not help cross-pollinating plants like most cucumbers, which require pollen to go all the way from one flower to another.  For more information on pollinating fruits and vegetables, give this article a read.

 Disease Prevention:

When growing with hydroponics, the humidity levels around your plants may be higher than is optimal.  High humidity levels tend to support the growth of mold and bacteria.  Adding a fan to your garden will keep air moving and decrease the humidity that may support mold or bacteria growth on your plants.

 Stronger Plants, Branches and Leaves:

Plants exposed to the stresses of wind will normally grow to be stronger over time.  This can result in healthier lettuces and herbs if you feel that they may be growing a bit limp.

 Faster Growth:

Some say fans also increase growth rates by providing a fresh supply of carbon dioxide, and this may also increase the production of fruits and vegetables regardless of pollination.

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