Growing Hydroponic Viola


Fun fact – According to Roman mythology, one of Cupid’s errant arrows struck a Viola, and turned the Viola into a flower capable of behaving as a love potion.  Shakespeare also uses these beautiful flowers in A Midsummer’s Night Dream, where they “on sleeping eyelids laid, will make man or woman madly dote upon the next live creature that it sees.”

Viola is a wonderful, easy to grow, edible flower for your hydroponic garden.  It’s said that there are over 500 different species of Viola.  They come in a wide variety of colors from yellow to white, red, pink, blue and purple.  They are all beautiful, and many of these flowers have a variety of diverse colors on the same pedals. 

The combination of vibrant colors and a sweet, floral taste also make Violas a wonderful flower to cook with.  They can be eaten raw, used as a garnish on many dishes including salads and soups, added to cool summer drinks, and even made into syrups and desserts. 

Hark! Not all violas may be edible, so take heed, and ensure you acquire thy seeds from IGWorks or another esteemed purveyor.

Hydroponic Viola
Germination Light EC Range pH Range: Time to Harvest
Easy 14-16 hours 1.3 - 1.8 5.5 - 6.2 6 weeks
Nutrient and Health Info - A good source of vitamins A and C, which have antioxidant-like properties to support your immune system.
Tips & Tricks - Viola is surprising simple to grow, and needs no special care from germination to harvest!



Fret not!  Unlike countless wonders in this earthly sphere, the Viola is a simple delight to enchant. They are petite blossoms, easy to entice.  Plant as many as 3 seeds in each growing pod.  It is likely each shall thrive.  For these diminutive blossoms, thou need not be compelled to select but one to persist and adore.


These splendid, beauteous blossoms doth crave 14-16 hours of light each passing day, so Cupid’s potion may thrive with the utmost vigor.

EC Range:

Whilst tending to Viola's growth, maintain thy EC range betwixt 1.3 and 1.8, that it may thrive in utmost splendor. With lettuce, dandelion, cilantro, basil, peas, sage, thyme, and even strawberries, it shall flourish in harmonious companionship!

pH Range:

For Viola's utmost delight, let its desired pH betwixt 5.5 and 6.2 be maintained, thus yielding the finest outcomes. Thine chosen lover, once selected, shall be thine own for all eternity.


Viola, a flower of grace, doth simpler to nurture than many. Our Green Machine nutrients shall allure its growth by itself, or shouldst thou wish, blendeth in 50% Flower Power Nutrients, to ensure a harvest eke more abundant and fruitful.

Pruning and Harvesting:

Prune thy Violas near the base, employing their fair blossoms and verdant leaves for garnish and flavor.  Discard thy stems. Take care not to trim all flowers at once, that the plant may possess the strength to sustain itself and propagate further.  Thou shalt not tarry long ere fresh ones emerge in their stead.

Time to Harvest:

One of the wondrous traits that maketh Violas a joy to cultivate is their swift blossoming from seed, demanding but six weeks' time to unfurl their vibrant flowers in full splendor.


Should thou hast journeyed alongside us through the Shakespearian tapestry of Growing Hydroponic Viola, we express our utmost gratitude. Verily, these flowers, among the simplest and swiftest to thrive in hydroponic realms, bringeth delight to both the eyes and palate.

Behold Our Concoction of Viola Recipes!

Let us embark upon this growth together!