Growing Microgreens with the uHarvest™

Growing microgreens with the µHarvest™ is incredibly easy!!
  1. Pick your favorite microgreen seeds and soak them with water in the base of the µHarvest™ for 4-8 hours
Soak your microgreen seeds in water for 4 - 8 hours 
  1. Spread your microgreens seeds into the growing tray. The seeds should be spread evenly, with only a single layer of seeds in the µHarvest™.
Spread your microgreen seeds evenly in the µHarvest™ growing tray. 
  1. Water them 2 times per day for the first several days, and then 1-2 times per day as the seeds sprout. It is best to keep them covered during this time.
  1. When your microgreens begin to reach to top of the pot, you may begin exposing them to indirect sunlight. This usually occurs around day 4-5.
 Begin exposing your microgreens to indirect sunlight when they reach the top of the pot
  1. Allow the microgreen leaves to become more vibrant and open as they are exposed to sunlight
Your microgreens will become more vibrant when they are exposed to indirect sunlight
  1. Remove your microgreens form the µHarvest™, trim and enjoy!
Enjoy your beautiful µHarvest™ microgreens 
That’s it!  No pesticides, no herbicides, no GMO’s and no soil.  Just fresh, delicious, home grown microgreens to save you time and money at the supermarket.
Let’s Grow Together!!