An Exciting Update from IGWorks

An Exciting Update from IGWorks

I have an exciting update today! As we've been preparing to launch on Kickstarter in the coming months, I've been collecting a lot of feedback from our community. One of the questions I constantly ask is "what do you think of our product's name?"

After much discussion and consideration, I've decided to upgrade our product name from The Beatnik to iHarvest!

We feel that iHarvest does a better job of telling you what we are all about: empowering you to harvest your favorite fruits & veggies indoors, from the comfort of your home.

I also wanted to thank you for your patience as we prepare to launch iHarvest on Kickstarter. We are getting very close so be on the lookout for a launch announcement coming very soon!

Dave Stevens
Founder/CEO - IGWorks

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